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As God’s people, and with Holy Manners, we will:

Begin and end with TRUST

  • • Assume one another’s positive intentions

  • • Work collaboratively and honour the decisions we have made together

  • • Be accountable for what we have promised and made a commitment to do

  • • Share information so everyone has the information they need

  • • Take responsibility for our actions


RESPECT one another and our differences

  • • Exercise grace, compassion, and forgiveness especially when there are misunderstandings

  • • Make room for one another’s ideas and opinions

  • • Respect and care for each other regardless of differences of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and where we are in life


LISTEN carefully and openly

  • • Listen to others with empathy, curiosity, and patience with the intent to understand and value what has been said

  • • Listen attentively and with an open and non-judgemental mind


SPEAK clearly and honestly

  • • Speak to others directly, respectfully, and clearly

  • • Take responsibility for what we say

  • • Honour confidentiality in our conversations with others

  • • Communicate decisions openly (transparently) and directly to others

  • • Promise to discuss, debate, disagree, and forgive openly in meetings

  • • Name bullying behaviour and gossip when we witness it.

To print a copy of the Covenant double click on the pdf icon.

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