Prayers of the People

May 24th

Written by Marie Lowe

D. L. Moody once wrote" I am so thankful that I have a joy that the world cannot rob me of;

I have a treasure that the world cannot take from me; I have something that is not in power

of man or devil to deprive me of, and that is the joy of the LORD .


In the midst of challenging times, it can be tempting for Christians to be more than joyful.

Yet it is in the challenging moments of life that God proves Himself faithful.

We pray that you would teach us what it means to see beyond our troubles  knowing that you

are with us.

We pray that we would not be anxious but that you would give us Your peace. Let us live

differently in the midst of trial so that the WORLD might see YOU in us.

Spirit of God show your care, comfort and hope to all who suffer all illness, anxiety or addiction,

Give strength to all who provide support and love to all front line Workers, to all the families

who lost love ones whether through this covid, 19, accident or natural causes, people who feel

alone, please wrap your loving arms around them to show them they are not alone.

Let us take this time of isolation to show and to Rejoice in all of God's creation. The flowers,

birds, animals, sun rise, sun sets and reflect on our blessings and family's.

God we thank you for the steadfastness of our Church family. When we get through this covid 19

virus and isolation and return to Church, we will with rejoicing and praising to be welcomed back

into worship and this ongoing fellowship.

This we ask in Jesus name. Our strength in times of trouble.



(May 24, 2020)

Spring Prayer of The People            

Written by Dave Wilson

May 17th, 2020          


Dear Heavenly Father    Here we are midway through the month of May and still abiding by the many Legislative social

rules for living with the Covid-19 virus.  We continue to give You thanks for all the people who support

our daily living endeavours during this pandemic lockdown.


                We thank-you Lord for the guidance in the Ten Commandments which instruct us how to

live our lives.  We are thankful for the righteousness taught by the Golden Rule so important and

needed in this trying Covid-19 time. We find comfort and re-assurance in the 23rd Palm as we take in  

the daily loss of life brought on by the Covid-19 illness.

                We ask Lord, that You be with all; those grieving for lost ones, those struggling with serious

illnesses, those mentally challenged by the isolation and the drastic life changes, those homeless and the

hungry, and the children bewildered by all the Covid-19 changes.  Lord, we ask that You walk with us as

a comforting guide as we move forward towards better times ahead.

                Lord, let us keep our smiles glowing outwardly to each other in social support.  Let us find the

good in the difficult times and some humour to be enjoyed in a healthy rewarding good laugh that lifts

up our spirits during this unknown covid-19 virus time.

                Lord, we pray for better days with sunny skies, colourful flower gardens, star-filled summer

nights and an end to this virus pandemic.


A Prayer Tribute to our Mothers!

by Sandra Westaway

Today,  Mothers' Day 2020,  we offer special prayers of "Appreciation and Thanks" for Mothers ... birth Mothers, adoptive Mothers, foster Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties and Caregivers throughout the world are in our hearts this special day.


Usually,  we would have a video photo tribute of those we hold dear.  Today,  we remember each of our special Mothers with thoughts and prayers.


Ann Taylor, a poet, describes Mother as ...

the One who ran to help when I fell,

       And would sometimes a pretty story tell,

     Or .. kiss a hurt place to make it well.

A Prayer for All Mothers:

Dear Lord ... We thank you for mothers who throughout the world give care and love; show kindness and ability to lead change; who stand steadfast through difficult times; like those happening now.


We are grateful for Mothers who care for others .. who organize our daily lives;  who feed our families with food and spiritual learning; who address problems with innovation and results... who persevere when difficulties arise.


For all of those lessons and many more, we thank you for the kindness You have shown through the work of your Son, Jesus AND for the kindness shared by our special Mothers.  In troubled times,  we turn to your words in Matthew, 25, verse 35:

"For I  was hungry and you gave me food.  I was thirsty and you gave me drink.  I was a stranger and you welcomed me".


Thank you Mothers and God our Father for your love and care.



Prayers of the people
May 3rd
Written by Carl Fletcher
Loving God
Once again, we come together to pray, to connect and talk with you, to share our cares and concerns, our joys and hopes and feel your comfort and strength.
We give thanks for this new day and this new month, for green lawns, spring flowers, warm sunshine and noticeably longer days.
In these COVID-19 times we remember the opening lines of the Serenity Prayer. “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.”  Help us Lord, to apply this in our lives today and in the weeks to come.
We know that we are called to “bloom where we are planted’ in our lives, in our families, with friends, neighbours, and work colleagues, and in our communities.  It’s just that we never expected to be this “planted” in our homes for this long, and it can be “bloomin” hard some days dealing with fears and the unknown future.
Help us remember that you are with us in all we face and do- in green pastures, beside still waters and in the darkest valleys.
We gather in prayer knowing that prayer is an action, actions have impact, and prayers lead to impactful changes in our world.
We pray for all of our essential workers and their families, for those who face under-employment and unknown business futures, for leaders making difficult decisions, for those who suffer physical, mental and spiritual health concerns, and for all care givers around the world.
We take heart from the many news stories of compassion, caring and sacrifices made as we too find creative ways to care for each other in community while physically apart. Despite everything, joy can still be found in your world.
Thank you for being with us.  We are not alone.  With your strength guiding us we CAN CARRY ON CARING ON.
In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

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