Carl Fletcher

OCT 4,2020

Loving God

We come together once again to make time, and take time, for a conversation with you.  We are reminded that you call us to be in a right relationship with you, with ourselves, with others and with all of your wonderful and truly awesome creation.

We hear the bible message that being in right relationships is more precious than gold or other riches.  Through forced isolation, social distancing and cancelled events, the COVID 19 pandemic has shocked us into realizing how much we miss being with others in those right relationships.

And yet, your gift of creativity has led us to new ways to stay connected, to stay in communion with others.  Today around the world we gather in churches, in our homes and on line to celebrate Communion, to strengthen our faith and to energize our caring for others.

Help us recognize that you have given all the gifts of life to us freely, and that when we give freely of ourselves and of our gifts, then we too help make the world a better place.

Bring comfort to all those who suffer physically, mentally and spiritually at this time.  Give strength to all who provide care and leadership around the world, and give your courage and your peace to all who live in fear.

Thoughtful God, remind us to savour the joys and beauty of this fall season; from heavy morning dews, the green grass,  the taste of one last fresh picked cob of sweet corn, fresh baked apple crisp, flocks of Canada Geese, and the turning colour of fall leaves. Truly, this is your wondrous world.

From the Ten Commandments to the Golden Rule you have offered insights into how we can be in right relationships.

During this upcoming week, be with us and help us to take at least one step that will bring us closer to a better relationship with you, with ourselves, with each other and with your wonderful world of creation.


In Jesus name we pray, AMEN


Joyce Szusz

Sept 20,2020

Holy One, Spirit of Life. 

Let us remember our moments of life, our fears and laughter. 

Treasure the sunlight.  Treasure the fields and sky.  Treasure sunlight kissed

and loved ones that are missed.  Treasure the moments we share and wherever life

takes us. 

We thank you for the beauty of this time, the surge of life, the pulse of

creation of life in all things. 

We are grateful for sustenance, clean water and pray for a balance in climate. 

Help us to be mindful in all we say or do and be the bread of life for others. 

Give us eyes to see our imprint upon on the earth.  Make it a gentle one. 

Help us to forgive others as it means to be set free. 

We pray for the sick, the lost, the depressed, the bereaved, the poor, the

unemployed, the oppressed.

We pray for those who are imprisoned. 

May we all be transformed so that we truly reflect your love, mercy and grace. 


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