Tweens & Teens


​Tweens & Teens have their own Sunday School room and assist with projects and missions chosen by the Sunday school.

Activities, movies, and outside trips are jointly planned and enjoyed with First United's Youth group.

September 19th

How can you serve as a leader at school, in your church?

Video:   Stories of Call: Kenji Oct 1, 2014

Music Video: God With Me (Lyrics) ~ Vineyard Worship Aug 5, 2018

September 26th  (Wear orange to church to show "Every Child Matters)

What is one thing you can do to make another person know that they matter?

Video: The Stranger” Official Video - Gord Downie - Oct 13, 2016

Music Video:
God Loves All The Colors Sep 2, 2021

Spirit Bear help us remember that ALL CHILDREN MATTER TO GOD