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Rev Paul Browning is our Congregational Minister.

Paul grew up in Halifax and attended a variety of judgmental churches who believed their way was the only way to God and whose rules were hurtful. Having experienced the judgement, guilt, anger and irrelevance of these churches, Paul was introduced to the United Church. He had never known so many fine, community minded people before. Add to that, the United Church is the only church who respects diversity and freedom of thought enough to put love before doctrinal commitments. So, Paul signed up. 


Paul is excited about being a part of the rich history and ministry of Central United Church. If you are looking for a spiritual home where you can belong and be respected for the amazing person you have been created to be, give Paul a call. You will be treated as a respected partner and not a project.  

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Reverend John Brown is a retired United Church minister and provides Pastoral Care to our members. Pastoral Care has always been an important and loved aspect of his work. Rev John works with the Pastoral Care Committee and visits our members in retirement facilities, hospitals and in their homes.

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Cathy Rivest is our Office Support and produces our Sunday Bulletins as well as keeping records of our donations and membership. She is indispensable to our congregation and a great support person. Cathy also looks after church usage and rentals. She accepts donations and provides information and support as needed.

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Austin Campbell is our Community Engagement Coordinator.

Austin comes to us from London, Ontario, where he began his faith journey. He joined the United Church of Canada in 2014 after discovering his faith as a teenager and specifically seeking a community built on love, equity, and fun music. Leading with Love is Austin’s ultimate mission - not to mention, bringing the community together and opening minds along the way. He believes in the power of our core values - kindness, fairness, and respect - and is committed to embodying those values, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

Gerald Vreman, Music Director at Central tells his Faith Story and reflects on his musical journey which started at Central when he was very young! 

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