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A Message from the Chair of Council

Feb 10-2023 Update

Good morning, everyone 


Just another update on how it's going re repairs.  Belfor continues to be here on a daily basis.  They have been tearing down ceilings, taking up more floor tiles, removing sheetrock and plaster and other debris in the most affected areas. These areas are the Christmas room,  Choir room, Kitchen and Dining Room.  Property team members came in and re covered all the windows, in the rooms above the fellowship hall.  The plastic that was there which was meant to keep the cold air out was all broken.  New plastic was installed then insulation was put over top of that, then sprayed foamed in.  This will make a huge difference in the amount of cold air that was coming in those rooms.  Thanks to all the Property team members and Worth who helped get this important job done.  Looks great. 

Our insurance adjuster has asked us to complete a replacement sheet cost for over 100 items that were destroyed in some of the rooms. Anne Lounsbury, Worth Chisholm, Kathryn Fletcher and I looked after this process. They will then determine if our costs match the replacement cost that they have done and we will see where we are in those regards. Again please stay out off the  affected areas as it is very dusty and dirty and there are items and wires in some rooms hanging down. 



IBalcony Room Ceiling

Choir Room

Dining Room &

Upstairs Ceiling

Feb 3-2023 Update

Just a quick update as to what's going on at the church re water damage.  Belfor is here again this morning. They have been here the last couple of days ripping out floor tiles, and various parts of the ceilings in the dining room.  The people who service the dishwasher were here and they suggested it would better to replace it, then repair it.  Their recommendation has to go to our insurance company first for their approval , so we will wait and see what happens. 


Many items from the Christmas room have been thrown out as they were too damaged and not able to be salvageable.  First United has again offered us as a church any space needed, and I have thanked them for that, but have indicated that we are okay at this point. 


Again, we ask you that unless you have a need or reason to be there, please stay out of the affected areas.  We have put up barriers in some aeras of the fellowship hall. This is to prevent dust and allow the workers to have a work space for them.  There is still a large walkway to get to the sanctuary, severy,  coat rack and back parlor for church services.


We are still serving coffee and juice after our service in the back parlor.  We are in constant contact with our insurance claims adjuster and Belfor representative getting answers to any of our questions. If you have any questions, regarding this matter please feel free to ask Terry, Worth or myself and we will try and get you an answer. Please feel free to share this with anyone who does not have email. Check out some new pictures below.



20230203_113102 (002).jpg
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