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A Message from the Chair of Council

Update of Jan 19, 2023

Water Damage at Central

Good morning, everyone. 


Terry, Worth, Betty and I meet on Thursday morning with Nick from Belfor, their content manager and our insurance adjuster Carolyn to discuss next steps, questions about future rentals and events at Central and results of findings as per mold and asbestos. We were told no asbestos was found, which was great news to hear.  Nick then advised us he would have an estimate for repair, replacement sent to our insurance company by Monday.  It could take up to four weeks for them to okay the estimate and then repairs could start depending on Belfor's schedule.  We were also informed that the cost to have the plumber come out and take out the radiator is our responsibility.  Same with,  if we decide to replace that radiator with a new version. They did however cover the costs associated with having Chubb come out and take out the 6 defective heat sensors which were destroyed due to water damage.  This bill was over $950 dollars alone. Chubb will have to come back and replace those once repairs are made. That bill will also be covered.  So that was good news as well.  Rentals and events previously booked were discussed whether they could continue or would we have to cancel them.  Nick assured us that that they would work around these events or in other areas of the church while these were taking place. We then toured the areas affected to continue to make sure everyone was on the same page.  The kitchen and Dining Room were assessed and damages are still being tabulated. Areas are still wet.  It was a great meeting. 


We look forward to seeing you again, this Sunday for service, at Central 10 : 30 am


Scott Doupe

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