Household Prayers

& Prayers of the People

Central United Family Prayers

Household Prayer: Morning

Holy One, I first give you thanks for yet another day

As I move through this new day,I pray that you will keep me in unity

With my faith and in your love.

Help me to speak the truth in love today,that I may grow closer to

my savior, my teacher, and my friend, Jesus Christ.



Household Prayer: Evening

Thank you, God, for being my travelling companion today.

Instead of counting sheep as I fall asleep tonight,

help me to count all the ways that I followed your path of kindness and respect to all people I encountered.

Good night, God. I love you.



Prayers of the people

God of abundance, you open your hand and feed us in due season, satisfying the desires of every living thing. In gratitude we pray for others this day.

Today we pray for families. Families that come in the many forms. Our own families, our faith families, families of communities, families of nations, families of friends. May all families, however they are formed, live in peace and harmony.

We pray for all churches of the world, that we may find ways of cooperating to care for the earth, and care for those in need.


God, we know you are near to all who call out to you.

Use us, as you used the boy with two fish and five barley loaves, to answer the cries of the hungry

We pray for those who have suffered because of war and violence, for the orphans, mothers, and men who must live on the streets, and for all those who are seen as the outcast of society. May you protect and guard them.

We pray for the sick, those suffering from cancer, viruses or the many diseases that are in the world today and those facing the end of their days. May Christ dwell in their hearts which is grounded in love.

Now through the power of the Holy Spirit,

and in the love of Christ, we lift these prayers to you.