Household Prayers

& Prayers of the People

Household Prayer:

Gracious God

As I begin this new day

Bless me and let your face shine upon me

So that I may share the gift of your love with all I meet this day

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen






Household Prayer:

Merciful God

I pray that I did all I could to be a good person today

Forgive me if I failed to do so

Let tonight be a time to reset and rest

So as I arise tomorrow and a new day begins

I may again try to do my best to be that person of love to others

In your name we pray










I enjoy spending time in my garden and marvel at the uniqueness of each plant , insect, bird and animal that I encounter while working. My garden contains many perennials , but each spring , I plant seeds and seedlings also .

        God, I thank you for the love of gardening , for the thrill of watching things grow . Being a gardener requires lots of work , patience , and FAITH  as we wait for plants to develop and produce . That first ripe red tomato tastes So good .

Thank you for the soil , the sunshine and the rain which You provide. Thank You for all the farmers who provide for our food and manufacturing needs.

    In order for plants to grow , they need a nourishing, unseen root system, below ground . We too, have a life giving growth not easily visible to others. It is our faith in God and it sustains us in our darkest days, through illness , worries, despair ,depression, loneliness and weariness . Prayers are like seeds: We express them and trust in  God, waiting patiently for answers. 

    Lord, we thank you for your great faithfulness , especially during this pandemic. Give strength to all those working in the health field to keep us safe , and to those who mask up to protect others. School is set to resume in September: Please  be with the educators , parents, and students as they deal with new safety measures . Help us all to be loving , caring and respectful of our friends, family, and  neighbors, reaching out with cards, phone calls, and distancing visits .Help us to keep plodding and persevering and to keep laughing and be joyful always looking for the good in the face of this adversity. Remind us that You are at work, even when the world around us feels shaky and uncertain. You are the eternal root of our faith .

Thanks be to God ,

        the great Creator and Gardener.  


Written by Marge Hodgson

AUG 16, 2020


Written by Joyce Szusz

AUG 9, 2020


Dear Lord, It seems like to me, that it is one thing after another down here.  The virus, the Black lives matter movement, fires and hurricanes, and now an explosion in Beirut.


I have a list of demands. Everyone that we love and care about we need everyone to not catch Covid.


We need some diversions, breaks, naps, new shows, economic relief. 

We ask that You, dear Lord, comfort our grief, shelter our joy, bind our hearts, increase our strength and dispel our despair.


Help us to realize that no matter what our lives look like right now, your spirit is stronger deeper and moving around us, all of those who came before us and all of who will come or follow us into the Lord's loving spirit.


Help us to wonder at the endless cycle of nature, life and death.  All of this speaks clearly of your Love, help us to feel your spirit, renew our hearts and minds. Help us to be a blessing, now and always.  




Written by Lauri Ladd

AUG 2ND, 2020

God, hear our prayers as we navigate so much uncertainly at this moment in time. We are certain of your love. Let this knowledge alleviate our fears, no matter what the struggle.

Let this wisdom guide us as we relate to each other, both friend and stranger.


Give courage to our leaders, educators, and parents as they contemplate difficult decisions ahead. May hope
remain strong in our children and youth, and may we support them by teaching resilience.

Remind us that time is fleeting, and to continue to focus on the good around us - warm summer nights abundant with fireflies, farmers sharing their crops at market, warm weather, and smiles, though sometimes hidden by masks, made clear through eye contact with others.

God, we know our role to “be the church” is so necessary now. In our gratitude, we will look around and take genuine notice of those who need our help. Nothing prevents us from offering, receiving, and acting with prayer. Thank you God for that gift.

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