Household Prayers

& Prayers of the People


Household Prayer: Morning

Holy One, I awake and take a deep breath and remember your love for me,

for others, and for the world.

Help me to be mindful of all the marvelous things

you are doing around and within me today.

Remind me to feel my friendships with others and with Jesus

Maintain in my heart the connection to you and with creation.


Household Prayer: Evening

God, you are both judge and friend.

As I reflect on this past day,

I hand my burdens over to you.

I let go of the good, the bad, and the in-between,

trusting in your care for me.

I am happy this night to abide in your love.

I breathe in your joy and your peace.

Whatever I need, I ask of you, in Jesus’ name.




Prayers of the people

We sing for joy, O God, for you watch over and care for all people. In our singing of our thanksgiving, we pray today for others throughout the world.

Today we pray for the poor and the desperate, as well as for those who are abused and oppressed, both here and abroad. Comfort those who suffer with your love and justice.

We pray for families, communities, and nations torn apart by violence. Heal the broken places with your peace.

We pray for the sick and the dying, for those who are friendless and lonely, for those living with grief or depression. Bring them your friendship and renew their joy.

We pray for ourselves, your church, that we may bear fruit of peace, hope, and love, fruit that will last.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our friend, and with the Holy Spirit flowing upon on us, we sing a new song to praise you for you are doing marvelous things!


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