Household Prayers

& Prayers of the People

Household Prayer:


Spirit of God, source of life,

refresh my spirit,

reshape my desire,

and re-create my heart,

that I may be a beacon of light to others;

through Jesus Christ.



Household Prayer:


Spirit of God,

you sustained me during the work of day;

sustain me now as I rest this night.

Let my evening meditations be of hope,

and that I may rise in the morning to rejoice in your goodness.

Awake or asleep, I will sing your praise;

through Jesus Christ.


Prayers of the People

May 31st.,2020

Betty Field


Lord, thank you for all that you provide.  Often, we take all Your blessings for granted; however, as we move forward with the reopening of our economy, help us to remember the lessons we have learned from this time of social isolation.

 During these challenging times, many of us realized that You are always there for us, and always will be. In the absence of busy work, volunteer activities, commuting to work daily etc. we have had time to feel Your loving presence whether it be during daily walks or simply sitting and being in the moment. We feel Your presence in the sunshine, amongst the vibrant colors of the flowers, and yes, even in the rain and wind. Remind us to pause, as we return to our new normal in the coming months and take a few minutes each day, to appreciate all Your blessings.

Let us remember that essential workers are not only health care workers but farmers, store clerks, stockers, meat packing plant workers, teachers, truck drivers, and church staff, pastors, and pastoral care groups etc. Our daily needs are provided by many interconnecting people who all play an important role. So, help us be appreciative by being kind, respectful and caring.

And yet, we know there are many who struggle with homelessness, addiction, mental challenges, and financial struggles which have only been heightened during this pandemic. We ask that you show us the way toward creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions to provide for and support the most vulnerable in society. Let this time of isolation teach us that we need to create a global economy that is equitable for all.

In closing, Lord be with those in hospital, long term care or unable to leave their homes due to illness. Please let them feel your loving embrace.  Be with parents who are trying to juggle, work, family, and often financial worries during this challenging period in their lives. Bless all essential workers who go to work despite their fear of becoming ill, give them strength to carry on and we ask that you keep them all safe.

Guide us as we seek new ways to do Your ministry and reach out to all people across the world, sharing, caring, and loving each other just as you commanded. Together we can build a better tomorrow.



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