Household Prayers

& Prayers of the People

Household Prayer:

Dear God,

thank you for this day.

Guide my mind in your way

and help me to do your will.

All praise, honour, and glory is yours. Amen.




Household Prayer:


Dear God,

thank you for providing for my needs.

Thank you for always being with me.

Keep me through the night

and put a song of praise on my lips when I rise again.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.















Pastor Paul Vollick

Sept 27,2020

O God, who is ever present, you hear our cries and are ever faithful in your mercy. For this we give thanks. Today in thanks we come to you with our concerns for ourselves, our community, and the world. We pray for our church and its leaders, fill them with the spirit and mind of Christ so that they would serve you and others. We pray for our country and global community and our local community, enable our leaders to make decisions for the sake of people and not profits, to serve others and not themselves.  We pray for those who suffer with sickness, sadness, bereavement, anxiety, or abuse— embrace them in your love and help us to be their community.  We now pray for those we hold in our hearts.

[A time of silence is kept.]

Loving God, we know that you walk with us, and you answer when we call. With gratitude and trust, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Holy One, Spirit of Life. 

Let us remember our moments of life, our fears and laughter. 

Treasure the sunlight.  Treasure the fields and sky.  Treasure sunlight kissed

and loved ones that are missed.  Treasure the moments we share and wherever life

takes us. 

We thank you for the beauty of this time, the surge of life, the pulse of

creation of life in all things. 

We are grateful for sustenance, clean water and pray for a balance in climate. 

Help us to be mindful in all we say or do and be the bread of life for others. 

Give us eyes to see our imprint upon on the earth.  Make it a gentle one. 

Help us to forgive others as it means to be set free. 

We pray for the sick, the lost, the depressed, the bereaved, the poor, the

unemployed, the oppressed.

We pray for those who are imprisoned. 

May we all be transformed so that we truly reflect your love, mercy and grace. 



Joyce Szusz

Sept 20,2020


Joyce Szusz

Sept 6, 2020

 Dear Lord,

We ask that you intervene in this Covid virus with your tender loving care.  We pray that our churches be the light on a hill in the neighbourhoods, hospitals, communities and cities.  We pray for those waking up in the fallout caused by Covid 19, antiblack violence, wildfires, hurricanes,toronadoes and earthquakes.  Help us, dear Lord to vision a community where the thirsty become water bearers, the wounded are our healers, the misfits become friends and the wanderers find a home.  Guide us, O Lord, by your Holy Spirit that through our prayers and lives we may show your love. 


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