Tweens & Teens


​Tweens & Teens have their own Sunday School room and assist with projects and missions chosen by the Sunday school.

Activities, movies, and outside trips are jointly planned and enjoyed with First United's Youth group.

September 19th

How can you serve as a leader at school, in your church?

Video:   Stories of Call: Kenji Oct 1, 2014

Music Video: God With Me (Lyrics) ~ Vineyard Worship Aug 5, 2018

October 3rd

Do you take time on Sunday to rest and think about God? Why or why not? How could you spend more time to reconnect with God or relax with your family in your busy schedule?

Video: Teens Talk: Relying on God April 21, 2015

Music Video: Kayne West He’ll Give us what we need. Sep 25, 2019