Household Prayers

& Prayers of the People

Central United Family Prayers

Household Prayer: Morning

I open my eyes and praise you, O God.

I am ever grateful for another day.

Help me to be the best person I can be from the rising of the sun to its setting;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Household Prayer: Evening

Thank you, O God for another beautiful day

All day long I was reminded that I am not alone.

As I rest my head on my pillow, continue to watch over me.

Refresh me, so I may go back into the world to help others with love.

Through Jesus Christ our Saviour.


Prayers of the People

God of understanding, through the Word read and proclaimed, and through your Word incarnate, Jesus Christ, you give us the direction we need. Please continue to guide us in your ways of joy and peace.

It is in the joy you give us that we pray for others of your creation.

We pray for our world that too often follows the advice of wickedness that leads to war, to violence, to conflict, to fear. May your wisdom prevail, that we may one see peace among all nations.

We pray for the men and women in this world

who, have been rejected, abused, heartbroken, and frowned upon. May you open our hearts to serve  in compassion and kindness to all.

We pray for our children who have been called the first in God’s heart and kingdom but are not always welcomed, loved, heard, or spoken to. May we listen to their voices and take the actions needed to care for them with love.

 God of mercy, we trust in your power, to heal the wounded hearts, to restore the brokenness of the world, and to lead us to everlasting peace. Amen.